Carpet Cleaning Services in New Jersey

Professional cleaning will remove dirt, germs, bacteria, and pollen, assuring your family a cleaner and healthier home. Your carpet and upholstery will look great and last longer, too.

Our carpets are cleaner and stay cleaner longer. Number 1 Cleaners’ technicians pre-vacuum every carpet. We clean all around the edges. We pre-treat the spots and stains. We clean your carpet with our water based state-of-the-art mild cleaning solution

We deodorize your carpet leaving a clean citrus smell. We dry and groom each fiber giving your carpet that new look and clean feel. We clean all types of carpet including delicate oriental styles. From the lightest soil to the heaviest grime, our process works great on your carpet. With our process your carpet will look, smell, and feel great.

Carpet Cleaning Services in New Jersey

Number 1 Cleaners is proud to bring you an honest, reliable, and family owned & operated business established in 1996. Carpet cleaning in the tri-state area has never been better than our quality service.

We believe our service is so reliable that we will let you give us the best written estimate you’ve seen and then we’ll beat it by 10%. Some more reason why you shoould choose Number 1 Cleaners for your carpet cleaning and upholstery needs are:


Dry Clean / Dry Foam: The carpet cleaner applies shampoo to your carpet, allows it to dry, and then, without rinsing, sucks the dried shampoo into the vacuum. Can you imagine applying shampoo to your hair, allowing it to dry, and then removing the shampoo from your head with a vacuum? This method leaves dirty residue in your carpet, which is one reason dry foam is not too effective.

Steam Cleaning / Hot Water Extraction: This is a fancy way of saying that a hot water cleaning solution under high pressue is forced into your carpet and then sucked out of your carpet.

As you can see, Number 1 Cleaners recommends the truck mounted unit first. And this isn’t surprising. You see, the truck mounted unit cleans much better because it heats the water to a high temperature – and shoots the cleaning solution into the carpet at higher pressures. This breaks up the dirt, bacteria, chemicals, and pollens in the carpet. Then the machine produces huge vacuum volume to draw the dirt and chemicals out of your carpet. This is the method Number 1 Cleaners uses. No questions, the most effective way to clean carpeting is with a hot-water unit mounted in a truck. It’s the most powerful cleaning machine on the market and the only machine that cleans your carpet of dirt, harmful bacteria, fungus, chemicals, pollens, and tobacco residue and dust mites.

Some people believe that hot water damages your carpet, but this isn’t true. By washing and then rinsing your carpet with hot water, we clean your carpet completely – in the same way that the person who showers and then rinses off the dirt and soap will be much cleaner than the person who takes only a sponge bath. The truck-mounted hot water unit we use is the most effective cleaning system available today. Likewise, it is one of the most expensive units on the market. But, we bought this unit for a good reason: More and more families want the good-health benefits that come from having a fresh, clean carpet.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

These guys are real professionals and I can’t imagine going to anyone else for getting our carpets cleaned.

Joe Lis , Bridgewater, NJ

I never thought the grape juice stain would ever be gone, but Number 1 Cleaners proved me wrong!

Jarrett Huband , Fair lawn, NJ

We were going to replace all our carpets, but you made them as good as new again! Thanks!

Brian Strowbridge, Suffern, NY


A truck-mounted unit cleans much better than a portable unit for three reasons: It heats the water to a higher temperature. For every 18 degree increase in the temperature above 118 degrees F, you double the water’s cleaning ability. So if the water temperature is 136 degrees F, it will clean twice as well as water that is 118 degrees F. 154 degrees water will clean four times as well as 118 degree water. And so on, until you reach a water temperature of 250 degrees F.

It shoots the water cleaning solution into your carpet at higher pressures, which breaks up the dirt, bacteria, chemicals, and pollens. 300 to 400 pounds per square inch is the optimum pressure for truck-mounted hot water extraction.

The machine uses a stronger suction to draw the dirt, chemicals, bacteria, pollens, and tobacco smoke residue out of your carpet.

Not surprisingly, having your carpet thoroughly cleaned with truck-mounted hot water extraction costs more than renting a shampooer at the corner grocery store.

MISTAKES TO AVOID When Choosing A Carpet Cleaner

MISTAKE #1: Choosing a carpet cleaner based on low price. Low price could be a problem in three ways:

  • Low price (between $3.95 and $9.95 per room) could be the bait that attracts your phone call. But once the cleaner gets into your home, he pressures you into a much more expensive job.
  • Low price can be for single-process cleaning. rarely does the consumer know what this means and, when told, asks for dual-process cleaning instead, which costs much more.
  • Low price means the carpet cleaner has cheap equipment, which will not effectively clean your carpet.

MISTAKE #2: Choosing a carpet cleaner based on a single telephone call. Instead, invite the person to your home and ask for a specific written quotation. Then you’ll know exactly what the carpet cleaner recommends – and you won’t be the victim of high pressure tactics when the technician steps into your living room.

MISTAKE #3: The company that offers the lowest price is the company you should hire.
No. I’ve seen so many problems arise from lowest-bid companies that I suggest you NEVER hire the company that quotes the cheapest price. The two most common problems are:

  • The price may not be for services you want performed. The company may be equipped to remove only the dirt from your carpet. But, you may want bacteria, fungus, pollens, dust mites, and tobacco residues removed as well.
  • The price you see advertised may not be the price you pay. Many homeowners have learned that the low price they say advertised lasted only until the carpet cleaner got into their home. Then they were pressured into paying a lot more for a variety of add-ons. Some carpet cleaners even break the law by using illegal bait and switch tactics.

MISTAKE #4: Any honest carpet cleaning company should be able to give you an exact price quote over the phone.

I wish this was true, but it isn’t.

Honest, reputable carpet cleaning companies almost never price carpet cleaning by the room. Instead, carpet cleaning is usually priced by the square foot. So, if you’d like me to tell you the exact cost of cleaning your carpet, I need to know the exact number of square feet that you want cleaned. To get an accurate measurement, I use a measuring wheel to calculate the exact size of the carpet area.

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