Due to insurance liability, it has become mandatory in many states (including New Jersey) to depend on townhouse management and condo associations’ to make sure that dryer ducts are properly installed and frequently cleaned to prevent dryer fires. Many townhouse managements and condo associations require their tenants to follow these obligations by hiring a duct cleaning company to perform the required service. Many administrations require getting the cleaning done early while most wish to have it done every two to three years.

No.1 Cleaners is currently serving over 60 condos and townhouses throughout New Jersey since 1996. Your number 1 community friendly service company is even providing special reduced group rates for dryer duct cleaning around your area today! When our highly trained technician arrives, he will perform visual inspections and will clean your dryer thoroughly. As soon as the process is completed, a certification will be given to you immediately stating that the dryer was completely inspected and cleaned.

Chimney Sweep and Inspection

Chimney cleaning has also become a requirement in townhouses and condos. Appliances that burn fuel use a chimney or venting system and should be properly cleaned annually. Improper installation or inadequate cleaning of the vent system can reduce appliance efficiency and waste fuel. Further potential danger can occur such as; fire, carbon monoxide poisoning and damage to your home caused by outdoor weather damage. The accumulation of creosote, a tar-like substance, is the main reoccurring problem for cleaning your chimney. If the build-up of creosote ignites, a chimney fire develops. Chimney systems are not designed to handle the high temperatures of a chimney fire. These extremely high temperatures may crack the clay liner in masonry chimneys. Solid fuels such as oil can also cause a buildup in the venting system that results as a total blockage and/or back puffing if improperly cleaned and maintained. Chimney fires and carbon monoxide are both life threatening and can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the homeowner.

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