No1 Cleaners - Air Duct Cleaning Company in New Jersey


We cut an access hole in order to hook up our 8-inch in diameter vacuum hose to the main trunk line of the system.


Our 8–inch diameter vacuum hose is connected to both the supply and the return sides of the air system


We cut a 1-inch hole to access the different sections of your air duct system to thoroughly clean it.


Each vent is cleaned with our 250 pounds per sq. inch of compressed air to guide the dust and debris down the entire length of the vent to the trunk line.


We also use a specially designed air whip to loosen the debris.


Using all scrubbing tools at the main trunk lines ,pushing all loose debris towards the suction hose


After the vents have been cleaned, we plug up the 1-inch holes and the access holes to the main trunk lines with an access panels, metal screws and aluminum tape.


All of the debris is carried out from the air duct system to a holding tank in our truck.


We then apply a sanitizer throughout the entire air duct system. This kills mold, mildew, bacteria and anything that might potentially be growing in your system.


The cleaning is completed by air-washing and vacuuming all accessible components of the air system including the blower and A/C coil.

**In some cases those components need to be pulled completely out of the system for best cleaning results.

A clean furnace and AC system will run far more efficiently, saving you hundreds of dollars on your energy bills. It will also greatly improve the indoor air quality of your home, which will help you and your family breathe easier